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Hi Guys,

I’m still working on the AdMediator Control for my app and I though I found a bug, that is more a misconfigure of the control, but I like to share it with you.

I created an Ad UnitId in the DevCenter of Microsoft with the type “Video interstitial”. My expectation was to get animated banner for my app. So I entered the new UnitId to my app and start debugging. After some refreshes (sometimes some more refreshes, sometimes the first load) my app crashed because of an UnhandledException in win32. I am catching UnhandledExceptions in my app, so I was confused. I figured out, that if I disabled “Microsoft Advertisement”-Network for my AdMediator Control, the problem was gone. So I continued testing and figured out, that the problem only exists, if compile my app in x64. If I compile my app in x86 the app don’t crashes, but I get a text in my banner called “FreeWheelFreeWheel” or “FreeWheelFreeWheelFreeWheel”.

I reported this to Microsoft and get a rapid answer (much faster than I assumed!):

Kristian, if the unit was created for video interstitials, it cannot be used in mediation or with AdControl.  The only use case for such an AdUnit is in the RequestAd method from InterstitialAd class.
That said, we should never crash, and for that behavior I’ve filed bug 4786896.
My guess is that if text “freewheel” showed up in the WebView control, it means we injected the VAST payload (meant for video ads) into the container. WebView itself, or the edge engine is probably going to show in the stack.

That is a clear and good answer! Thanks Microsoft!

Originally posted on October 1st 2015