beRemote is an application for remoteadministration of server and clients. The connections are organized in a simple list to have a good overview. beRemote supports several protocls like RDP, VNC, SSH, HTTP(s), … that are dynamically loaded by an integrated plugin system.
We are planning, developing and publishing beRemote. The Co-Developer is Benedikt Kröning. Together we realize the big project. bRemote is a Stand-Alone program and is not developed anymore in the last months. We published this application as-is on GitHab and made it OpenSource.
You can find it at
We have the idea to create a central OpenSource All-In-One plattform for monitoring, automation and management. Available products are not for free or are too complicate to use or don’t have the functionalities we like to have. If and when we will realize this project is not clear for now. if you like to support us: contact us!

Attachment Dumper

This Windows service will dump attachments of E-mails from an IMAP-Server to a local directory. This is useful if you have a telephone system, where voice messages or fax documents are send to an e-mail account but not all users should have access to this account.


A small command line tool/C# Snippet to send a Fax via cmd. That way sending a fax can be automated by a program or script.
It is hosted at Github:


Slicer is an Open Source software, that creates shapes and images for the “Slice” of Making Memories. The software works and is provided “as is”. It is not ready but also discontinued but maybe someone likes to use the software and build custom shapes for “Slice”.

For all developers, check out: