Chapter 5
Integrate AVM FritzDECT PowerOutlets

This chapter is about the integration of a Fritz power outlet that can be remotely controlled. You need a FritzDECT compatible device. Here is a short overview about the currently available power outlets:


FRITZ!Powerline 546E

FRITZ!Powerline 546E/510E

Technology DECT DECT WiFi, Ethernet, Powerline WiFi, Ethernet, Powerline
Use without FRITZ!BOX No No Yes Yes
Use outside No Yes No No
Amazon* AVM FRITZ!DECT 200 AVM Fritz!DECT 210 AVM FRITZ!Powerline 546E  AVM Fritz!Powerline 546E/510E WLAN Set


To start be sure the outlet is setup and connected to your Fritz!Box. After that change to the Paper UI interface of your OpenHab instance. On the navigation change to the “Configuration” => “Bindings” page and click the blue +-Circle.


On the new page, change to the “Bindings” Tab and search for “Fritz”. You will see three result that are Fritzbox related. Click the “INSTALL”-Link next to the Binding “AVM FRITZ!Box Binding”.


The FritzBox is now able to “talk” to FritzBox, Fritz!DECT and Fritz!Powerline devices. After some seconds or minutes, you will see a number next to the “Inbox” entry at the navigation bar. That means OpenHab found devices that are compatible to one or more bindings. In our case that should be the FritzBox and at least one of the power outlets. Change to the “Inbox”. You will see something like this:

For some models like the Fritz!Powerline models we have the option to control the outlet via Fritz!Box or directly without involving the Fritz!Box. The FRITZ!DECT-devices can only be controlled via Fritz!Box.

Add the outlet directly:
Click circle in front of your Powerline device (here: “FRITZ!Powerline 546E”). Now you can give your Adapter a name like you want to see it in OpenHab. I will call it “Outlet 1”. After confirming the dialog, you will see the inbox again. You will find your Outlet at “Configuration” => “Things”.

Add the outlet via Fritz!Box:
Click circle in front of your FritzBox device (here: “FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7390”). Now you can give your FritzBox a name like you want to see it in OpenHab. I will call it “FritzBox”. After confirming the dialog, you will see the inbox again. You will find your Outlet at “Configuration” => “Things”.

For both configurations we now need to configure the credentials to access the device. Change to the page “Configuration” => “Things”. Click the pencil symbol next to your new thing.

The IP address, port and protocol should already be correct, so we will leave this fields like they are, even if the are empty. In the authentication section you need a user for you FritzBox, that is allowed to use the “SmartHome”-Function. I created a new user just for OpenHab in the FritzBox. For the non-Fritzbox devices you just need the password you use to access the web interface of the FritzBox.
All other settings can be left at default. It should look like the following screenshot.

When you are done, click the blue circle to save the settings. After you did this, you show now see status “Online” for the Fritz-Device.


If you are using a FritzBox, we will now discover the devices connected to the FritzBox. After a few minutes (or seconds) you will have two new Items in you Inbox. This are the outlets, that are connected to your FritzBox and also the outlets that are operable stand-alone like the FRITZ!Powerline 546E Adapter. Because of this, this is listed twice in this list. I prefere to use them via FritzBox to control every AVM device the same way, but for demonstration I will add both of them. That way I will have two things that are the same device but controlled via FritzBox or direct.

Click the blue circle in front of the labels and add them as a thing. You can do this for one or if you have for multiple items in the inbox that are Fritz related.
Your things-page should look like this:

Now we need to create the items of the new things to be able to control power, measure the power usage or temperature. To do so, click the circle in front of the thing.

Now click on the circle of every channel you like to add as an item. In our case we like all channels, so we will add all channels. When you click the circle in front of the channel, select “Create new Item” from the next dialog and click “Link” at the bottom right on the popup that follows. When the dialog closes, you will see that the inner circle of the blue circle will be filled. That means an item is created for that channel. Repeat and create a new item for for all channels.

When this is done, change to the “Control” page via navigation bar. You will see the new thing and it’s items in this dashboard overview. You can also control the “Outlet”-item from this page to switch the outlet on or off.

When you did this for all things, it will look like this and we are done to add the AVM Fritz!Box, AVM Fritz!Powerline- and AVM Fritz!DECT-Outlets to OpenHab.


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