Integrate IKEA TRÅDFRI‎ into OpenHab

In this chapter, we will install the TRÅDFRI‎ Binding and add the TRÅDFRI‎ Gateway to use our lights.
You need the IKEA TRÅDFRI‎ Gateway* (cheaper if you buy it at Ikea) to be able to use this.

First you have to install the TRÅDFRI‎ Binding. In the PaperUI to to “Add-ons” in the navigation and switch to the bindings. In the searchbox search für “tradfri” and install the Binding using the “Install”-Link on the right of the binding description.

After you have installed the Binding, the Gateway will automatically be shown in the Inbox.
1. If your TRÅDFRI‎ Gateway is listed in the inbox, continue with step 5. Otherwise: Go to the inbox and click the +-Bubble

2. Select the TRÅDFRI‎ Binding from the list of available bindings

3. Continue with step 5 if the Gateway is found. If nothing is found, click “Add manually” at the bottom.

4. Select “TRÅDFRI‎ Gateway” from the list.

5. Enter the IP of the TRÅDFRI‎ Gateway in the Field “Host” (if not already filled) and add the Security Code that is printed on the back of the TRÅDFRI‎ Gateway. If you don’t know the IP and it is not already stated in the textbox, try to find it using your Router. This varies from router to router, so I cannot help you. Attention! In my case the upper letter “i” was printed on the back. Don’t mix it up with the lower letter “L”.

6. Click the blue check-bubble at the top save the settings.



Your Inbox will now find your lights if they are already configured using the TRÅDFRI‎ App. In my case I found three devices. Two light panels (Ikea Floalt)* and one remote control* for the lamps. The names you see are the names you configured in the App.

Add the devices as a thing by click at the blue check-bubble in front of the things found and select “Add as Thing”. You can also define custom names for the things. I will name them “Panel 1” and “Panel 2” and leave the standard for the remote control.


After you did this, change to the “Configuration” => “Things” page using the navigation. You will find the new things we just added. Click on the first thing and the thing will open. This will show us the available channels. In my case I have a Color Temperature Light, where I can adjust the Brightness and the Color temperature. I add both channels as a new item to OpenHab and repeat this with my second panel.

For the remote control I have two other kind of channels. The Battery Level and a switch if the battery level is low. Basically both are doing almost the same but the Battery Level channel shows me the exact percentage while Low Battery will just set the item value to “true” if the Battery Level is under a defined percentage level. Never the less: I add both of them to OpenHab as an item the same way as we did with the panel items before.

After I did this, I change to the “Control” page using the navigation. You will see the new devices, in my case three, and their current values. For the panels I can see if they are turned on and if yes, I can see the brightness and the color temperature. For the remote control I see the battery level.


Now the TRÅDFRI‎ Items are available to OpenHab and can be used in rules and in HabPanel. In the next step, I will add this items to HabPanel to be able to control the brightness and the color temperature of the panels.

Switch to HabPanel and open a dashboard of your choice (create a new one or the one we used before). Edit the dashboard (click the pencil next to the title).

Add a new Widget of type “Slider”.

Edit the new tile.


Enter a name for the slider and select the brightness property of your TRÅDFRI‎ thing of your choice and click save.


When you are back to the panel, you should adjust the size of the tile. It should be like a horizontal bar.


When you start your dashboard, you will have a slider you can move to the left and right. It is change the brightness of your light when you move it.

You can repeat this steps but choose the color temperature instead of the brightness for the light.


One small additional extra:
If you like your slider vertical instead of horizontal, you can check the setting “Orientation: Vertical Slider” in the settings of the tile.



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