Optimize Ads with Microsoft AdMediator or Universal Ad Client SDK

Hello everybody,

the last days I tested many possibilities according to Ad platforms on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 8.1 (Windows UI). My biggest challenge was, that there is a leak of SDKs for the Windows platform in general. The most annoying thing is, that Google isn’t supporting Windows (Phone) 8.1 and above, if you are using the default XAML/C#-Apps. They have an SDK for WP8 but its worthless for WP8.1. That thing is so annoying, because if you ask anybody that is developing apps for mobile platforms and is using ads to finance them, they say: use Google. But obviously this is not possible on modern Windows Phone/Windows Mobile platforms at the moment.

So I had to check, what I can do, because I was unsatisfied with this ugly text-banners, that want sell me strage things. I also found no option to disable this gambling- and diet-ads in the Dev-Center of Microsoft.

The first thing was: Search another provider for AdMediation that has more than two providers (Microsoft and Smaato), that pay you for ads. (AdDuplex is a third one, but it is a click-trade-provider without monetization).
I found some recommendations for MobFox and setup an account to test it. The first thing I recognized: they don’t have a SDK for Windows Phone. The second thing I recognized: they have an API (Google has not!). So I created a control for myself to present the MobFox provided ads. I simply used a WebView and show the HtmlString-Property MobFox provides. The problem is: the WebView is performing a fit-to-width of the content and the content MobFox provides has a width of 1024px, even if you tell them you want 320px banners. After some researching I also fixed this and started testing. It worked until Amazon Audibles provided an App that is larger than 320px. That was really frustrating. I figured out, that there is another option to get ads from MobFox by API. I used the “TextAd”-API for my first attempt. But there is also a “native”-API, that provides images instead of HTML. That would solve my problem, so I implemented also the native-API… and was frustrated again. Except my Fallback-Ad for this Blog, there was no Ad delivered. A whole day long.

I finally came back to the Microsoft AdMediator. But not because I want to use Microsofts Ugly-Text-Ads. There is another option I wasn’t aware of: Smaato. They are also able to do admediation with ads from other networks. Also with ads from MobFox. So I setup the networks in the Smaato-Environment and configured the AdMediator to use 100% Smaato and Microsoft only for Backup. Right after doing this, I got nicer banner-ads instead of text-ads. And this ads were for games and not for diet, fitness, getting rich in just one minute and so on.

So at the moment my recommendation for using ads is to use Smaato. But: Don’t ask me about CPMs. Currently I have to wait and check what will happen after I released my next App update in the next weeks.

One more thing about the old Microsoft AdMediator for Windows Phone 8.1 and the new Microsoft Universal Ad Client SDK:
Currently I only have a Windows Phone 8.1 app and I am using the Microsoft AdMediator but when I will switch to Windows Universal App for Windows 10 (Mobile), I will not use the Microsoft Universal Ad Client SDK. There are MANY problems with this regarding the comments in the Visual Studio Gallery. I will switch to the Windows 10 (Mobile) SDK of Smaato! Yes, they have an SDK for Windows 10 that seems to work!

Microsoft AdMediator
Microsoft Universal Ad Client SDK
Smaato Windows 10 SDK (also Available via Nuget)

Originally posted on February 20th 2016